Shahnaz Begum, a mother of four, outside her home with her microloan-financed cows and her typical day’s worth of food outside her home in the village of Bari Majlish, an hour outside Dhaka. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The caloric value of her day’s worth of food for a typical day in December was 2000 kcals. She is 38 years of age; 5 feet 2 inches tall; and 130 pounds. This mother of four was able to earn enough to build several rental rooms next to her home. She and her tenants share a companionable outdoor cooking space and all largely cook traditional Bangladeshi foods such as dahl, ruti (also spelled roti), and vegetable curries. Her cows eat a pile of water hyacinths gathered by her son from a pond beyond the haystack. She and her family don’t drink the milk that helps provide their income. MODEL RELEASED