Tiffany Whitehead, a student and part-time ride supervisor at the Mall of America amusement park, with her typical day’s worth of food in Bloomington, Minnesota. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The caloric value of her day’s worth of food on a day in June was 1900 kcals. She is 21 years old; 5 feet, 7 inches tall; and 130 pounds. The Mall of America is the largest among some 50,000 shopping malls in the United States. In addition to a huge amusement park, it houses over 500 stores, 26 fast-food outlets, 37 specialty food stores, and 19 sit-down restaurants, and employs more than 11,000 year-round employees. In excess of 40 million people visit the mall annually, and more than half a billion have visited since it opened in 1992. Tiffany’s job involves a lot of walking. Her main beat is the amusement park area, where she responds to radio calls regarding stalled rides and lost children and answers visitors’ questions. MODEL RELEASED.

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